Public Administration


Public administration has a proactive role in promoting Social Responsibility among companies and in developing policies and commitments aimed at sustainability. But they must also start following ethics of socially responsible public management because in many regions of the world this is already a legal obligation.

In Esfera Social we are specialists in the implementation of Social Responsibility systems in public organizations and therefore we can be your guide throughout the whole process, from assessment to the development of your Social Responsibility or accountability plan.

Following our workflow, based on the creation of tailor-made solutions and the use of specific tools for each area of activity, we will design a personalized plan combining general Social Responsibility methodologies with specific frameworks for socially responsible public management, such as:

Localization of the 2030 Agenda and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in public management

General guidelines of the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service and the Spanish National Institute of Public Administration, as well as the Spanish Social Responsibility Strategy

Responsible Public Management Model by FIIAPP

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), topic-specific Standard

AENOR – UNE standards

What we can do for your organization

Context assessment


Action plans

Social impact assessment

Materiality matrix

Participation processes

Ethical codes and codes of conduct

Comprehensive social responsibility assessment

Stakeholders engagement

Sustainability reports


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