How far your organization is into the process? Are you starting to consider a Social Responsibility plan but do not know where to begin? Do you have doubts about what challenges it will involve and what benefits it will provide? Have you already started to implement Social Responsibility policies and want to improve or expand a specific aspect? Have you come across any obstacle or a particularly difficult aspect?


We help organizations to manage themselves in a more responsible and sustainable way based on any approach and adapting our methodology to each particular sector and type of organization.

The level of assistance is decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on each organization’s aims and resources: team members, previous experience, level of technical expertise, etc. The possibilities range from the complete outsourcing of the Social Responsibility area to combined training and consultation programs, external advice or occasional help with a process or activity to promote a specific area or stage.

In a complete action, we implement the 360º program, a Comprehensive Itinerary aiming at complete collaboration during all the phases of the process: from the initial assessment to the development of the sustainability report.

Estudios e investigación Responsabilida Social


In Esfera Social, we perform studies to extract the specific information our clients need to start or consolidate their transformation into more responsible and sustainable organizations: Benchmarking Social Responsibility reports, Comparative Management tool analyses or evaluation reports (ex ante or ex post).


We offer training in all Social Responsibility areas, aimed either at management teams, technical staff or students from educational centres.

You can choose an introductory course or one focusing on a specific aspect, combining theoretical presentations and dynamic workshops in which participants can engage in generating ideas, debating case studies and best practices, or implementing what they have learned into your organization. On the other hand, each training program is adapted to the type of organization and sector: educational, social, public administration or SME.

Furthermore, we also design training programs and prepare contents for courses and/or subjects taught in educational centres

Formación en Responsabilidad Social