CSR Services for the social sector


In Esfera Social we understand Organizational Social Responsibility (OSR) as an opportunity for the consolidation and growth of social organizations, especially in the current context of crisis. Among other advantages of OSS, it will provide your organization with an organizational learning opportunity, a chance to enhance its reputation and increase the level of trust of its partners and society as a whole, to develop the relationship with funding institutes and public administrations, or to establish new business partnerships.

But this adaptation cannot follow the same models created for companies (CSR). It requires specific approaches and methodologies adapted to the characteristics of the social sector. In Esfera Social we design tailor-made services, combining different tools according to your organisation type and specific needs.

Among others, we use the following general guidelines: 

2030 Agenda - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

United Nations Global Compact

ISO 26000

And we apply sectoral protocols such as:

Social Responsibility model by ICONG (Institute for Quality in NGOs)


Common Good Balance (Economy for the Common Good)

Social Audit by REAS (Alternative Economy Network)

Sectoral ethical codes

Quality NGO Guidelines

Ethics. NOGs management system. UNE 165011

Fundación Lealtad’s Principles

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) topic-specific Standard for non-profits

In order to support social organizations in the implementation of OSS policies, we offer comprehensive 360º consultation itineraries covering all phases of the process, or specific services such as:

Comprehensive OSR assessment

Ethical management and OSR policies

Stakeholders map and engagement planning with each of them

Design and implementation of OSR management systems

Design and implementation of OSR management systems

OSS action plans

Materiality matrix

Design of monitoring and evaluation systems

Fundraising and business relationship guides

Codes of conduct, good governance and ethics

Environmental responsibility plans

Sustainability reports


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