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We help you to integrate Social Responsibility in your organization

Why you should implement Social Responsibility in your organization?

Sostenibilidad en tu empresa

It makes your organization more responsible and sustainable

When you follow methodologies that incorporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, Economy for the Common Good or any other ethical practices, you are contributing to create a better world.

Relación con tu entorno

It improves your relationship with your team and environment

It strengthens your bonds and increases trust from all stakeholders: staff, customers, suppliers, partners, students, etc. Your organization will create shared value and reinforce its reputation.

Implantación de la RS

It allows your organization to learn and grow

The assessment and implementation process of any Social Responsibility framework creates an extraordinary opportunity for your organization to learn and innovate.

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We help your organization to self-manage its strategy in the most responsible and sustainable way using the approach that best fits your needs.

Consultoria en RS
Formación en Responsabilidad Social


We offer in-house training through tailor-made programs to promote the incorporation of Social Responsibility in your organization.

Studies and research

We identify the latest trends and best practices in Social Responsibility to perform analysis, evaluation or any other type of study.

Estudios e investigación Responsabilida Social

Why choose Esfera Social?

The organizational culture and impact of educational institution, non-profit and social economy companies is very specific, so it cannot be managed as it is, for example in productive businesses. This is also true for public organizations such as a town council. In Esfera Social, we have a profound knowledge of these sectors and we use specific methodologies.

We know that you have a busy schedule and Social Responsibility matters can be quite complex. Therefore we will try to make it easier for you. We will make most of the process more practical and enjoyable, so that you can enjoy the benefits of Social Responsibility, learn more about your organization, improve your working atmosphere and enhance your strengths.

Are you a cooperative or non-profit organization, school, university, SME or local government? How far you are into the process of integration? What is your level of knowledge and experience in this field? No two organizations are identical. That is why we develop a tailor-made work plan for each organization.

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