About us


We want to contribute to make your organization more responsible and sustainable and, at the same time, more efficient and profitable.

Our team

Ana Alcaraz

Founder & CEO

Expert in social project management, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, and associate professor at the University of Valencia.

I have developed my professional career in social project management, publishing, communication and journalism, based in Spain, Japan and Chile. For over 25 years of professional activity, I have led multidisciplinary and multinational teams, and coordinated projects at an international level such as the creation of Peace Boat’s Global University or the representation of social entities in international forums such as United Nations summits and UNESCO global campaigns.

I am de Secretary of RS en Acción (Social Responsibility Association) and member of the organising committee of RSEncuentro, the largest CSR and Sustainability congress in Spain. I am also member of the Valencian Association of the Economy for the Common Good, and the Research Group Proyecto Talis (University of Valencia).

Pamela Alonso

Project Manager

I am a sociologist and also studied Political and Administration Science at the University of Valencia. After spending a year living in Ireland to perfect my English-language skills, I studied the Master’s Degree in Marketing of the Jaume I University and specialized in Market Research at the University of Valencia, where my interest in the study of social responsibility started.

I have worked in several public administrations of the region of Valencia performing assessments, strategic plans and open government projects. My experience is also based on establishing and calculating indicators and creating process maps, and I specialize both in quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Amelia Buscemi

Project Manager

I have a Degree in Public Relations with a focus on Social Responsibility. I specialize in the planning and management of Cooperation for Development programmes.

In the last 10 years, my professional experience has centred on the design of policies for the internationalization of university extension at the National University of Litoral (Argentina) and the management and analysis of projects to implement University Social Responsibility and SDGs in Higher Education institutions.

In the field of communication, I have published papers in several journals and worked as a professor at the University of Social and Business Sciences (Argentina).

Olga Mínguez López


I am a freelance documentarist specializing on scientific documentation. I studied the Degree in Documentation and two postgraduate courses in Information Management and Organization and in Digital Documentation.

I have worked as a librarian and documentarist in specialized research centres such as INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), CEFIRE, etc. I have also been a member of technical teams for projects and research initiatives about scientific production, art education, cooperation, etc.

I am part of the Proyecto Talis Association and the research group Proyecto Talis, (University of Valencia) working on intercultural education and education for development.

Johana Ciro Calderón


I have a PhD in Local Development and Innovation from the University of Alicante and I am an honorary researcher at the University Institute for Social Studies on Latin America, of the same university. I also work as the principal local development and social innovation researcher of University of Valle, I am a founding member of the Instituto Iberoamericano de Desarrollo Local (Latin American Institute for Local Development) and a guest professor in several Spanish and Colombian institutions.

From 2016, I have worked as a local development agent for the Carcaixent Town Council, and I have extensive experience in the design and monitoring of social innovation and transformation processes and the local development of public and private organizations in both countries.

We firmly believe that we can and we must transform our economic system and society towards more humane, equitable and sustainable models. Our body and soul are dedicated in this with rigour, responsibility, commitment and a lot of enthusiasm!

Our philosophy

To accompany your organization in the process of change towards a  new management model, based on s ethical principles and aiming at sustainability, so that it reaches an economic, social and environmental balance.

Esfera Social wants you to consider us an ally to incorporate Social Responsibility into your organization, facilitating your journey with practical and accessible solutions geared towards efficiency, sustainability, successful client relationships and team cohesion.

  • Commitment to society and the environment
  • Professional excellence
  • Energy, innovation and continuous learning
  • Ability to adapt to the client
  • Responsiveness and active listening
  • Practicality and simplicity

Our commitments

We subscribe the Co-responsibility Manifesto promoted by Fundación Corresponsables.

We support and subscribe the Code of Ethics for Social Responsibility and Sustainability Consulting promoted by RSConsultores.

We support the 2030 Agenda and work actively to achieve the SDG

We are endorsing partners of the SDG Accord, to promote de SDG in Higher Eduction institutions

We are members of Por el Clima, a Spanish network created to fight climate change.

Our networks

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